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Improving Cash Flow: Top Five Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow and Negotiate Better Subcontract Terms

Subcontractors and suppliers (collectively “subcontractors”) know all too well that cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Yet many subcontractors overlook the vital role that subcontract clauses can have on affecting their ability to timely secure payment. Here are just a handful of tips about the top subcontract clauses that affect cash flow and […]

Computers and iPads as Important as Cranes and Concrete Mixers

Tech is king in our modern era, and tech in the construction industry is certainly no exception. The Ohio State University’s $370 million “North Residential District Transformation” project maintains five electronic kiosks on site with electronic planning tables and high-tech computers. Many workers carry iPads. Dozens of apps are available that are specifically designed for […]

Cost Controls + Alternatives to Litigation

When faced with litigation, whether pursuing a contractor or owner that failed to pay you, or whether you are being pursued for payment, there are many options available which may help reduce time, expenses and delays associated with traditional litigation. Here are four to consider: 1. Mediation Mediation is a non-binding settlement negotiation conduced with […]