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What Can You Learn From a Country Lawyer? Abe Lincoln Revisited.

One Hundred and Seventy-Five Years ago a wiry country lawyer traveled the states of the old Northwest Territory, often sharing rooms and meals with opposing counsel and the circuit judge as they dispensed justice from county seat to county seat. While I would not recommend similar sleeping arrangements today, modern trial lawyers can still learn […]

The Ten Commandments of Construction Law

A construction project can be “a problem in progress.” What separates successful owners, contractors and subcontractors from the others is their ability to effectively manage those problems. Practitioners advising the construction industry frequently consult the relevant contract documents when dealing with these problems, but there are several key statutes that trump the contract that counselors […]

Remember These Ten Commandments of Mediation

As more lawyers and clients are dealing with mediation on a regular basis, following these “TEN COMMANDMENTS” will come in handy when dealing with a problem of biblical proportions. 1. Thou shall not wait too long to mediate. Many of the advantages of a negotiated resolution dissipate with the passage of time. The sooner you resolve, […]

E-mail Lessons Your Momma Should Have Taught You

In today’s business world, electronic communication, such as e-mails, have replaced the telephone call or letter writing as the primary method of messaging. Disputes – legal, political or otherwise – are now decided on the basis of e-mails discovered later once conflict begins. Yet despite the importance of e-mail writing, too few appreciate its significance […]

5 Steps to Protect Your Claim

It is not unusual for contractors to experience impacts beyond their control that delay or disrupt their work. While each contract requires a little different approach, if you follow these basic steps you should be in a good position to seek redress on your claim for additional time or money. Request a Time Extension in […]