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How Form Construction Documents Can Ease the Stress on Your Next Project

Peter, featured in Smart Business, gives insight to form construction documents. You can read the article here to learn about how to best use these documents, the advantages and how they can save you money.

Mechanic’s Liens are a Patriotic Product of Our ‘Founding Fathers’

Don is a regular contributor to the Ohio Asphalt Magazine. For the October Issue, Don discusses the history and importance of mechanic’s liens. Read Don’s full article.

Five Steps to Take When Your Customer Files for Bankruptcy

If you find yourself dealing with the bankruptcy of a general contractor for whom you are working or an owner of a project, the tips I shared in this article are applicable to you too. It should also be noted that you would still have lien rights pursuant to state law and the ability to preserve […]

10 Things to Remember When Your Work is Delayed

Don gives ten “Do’s” and Don’ts” suggestions to remember the next time your construction job is delayed. Read the full article from Ohio Asphalt Magazine.

Pending California Lawsuit Has Industry in Waiting

California’s toxicity regulations are widely regarded as some of the strictest in the world. Peter and Don explain how regulations related to lead exposure could become even stricter through a recent lawsuit filed by a for-profit legal enforcement group. Businesses operating in California should be aware of the lawsuit and its potential consequences. Read the […]