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10 Things to Remember When Your Work is Delayed

Don gives ten “Do’s” and Don’ts” suggestions to remember the next time your construction job is delayed. Read the full article from Ohio Asphalt Magazine.

Pending California Lawsuit Has Industry in Waiting

California’s toxicity regulations are widely regarded as some of the strictest in the world. Peter and Don explain how regulations related to lead exposure could become even stricter through a recent lawsuit filed by a for-profit legal enforcement group. Businesses operating in California should be aware of the lawsuit and its potential consequences. Read the […]

Ten Commandments of Mediation

As more lawyers and clients are dealing with mediation on a regular basis, Don lists the “Ten Commandments” that might come in handy when dealing with a problem of biblical proportions. Read the commandments now

Forum-Selection Clauses After Atlantic Marine

In late 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States decided Atlantic Marine Constr. Co. v. United States Dist. Court, a case that will have important implications for construction attorneys and their clients. Eric Travers and Peter Berg provide an in-depth analysis of the decision. The article explains the significance of “forum selection clauses” and […]

Construction Lawyer: Problem or Problem Solver? The Need for Cost-Effective Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry

As alternative dispute resolution—negotiation, mediation, arbitration—becomes more prevalent in the construction industry, construction lawyers find themselves in unfamiliar roles. The way construction disputes are resolved has changed dramatically. Don Gregory and Peter Berg argue construction lawyers should be focused on problem-solving, by partnering with their clients and by being cost-effective advocates. The best construction lawyer […]