Posts Written By: Mike Madigan

2016 Top Ohio Construction Law Developments and What to Watch for in 2017

In the first webinar of our 2017 Construction Law Webinar Series, Mike Madigan discussed top cases from 2016 and previewed what is in store for construction law in 2017. Read more here.

General Contractors + Construction Managers Face OFCC’s Rejection of Subcontractors without Additional Compensation

General Contractors and Construction Managers that do work with the OFCC should be aware of the OFCC’s purported right to reject certain subcontractors without having to pay for the additional costs that usually come with going to the next subcontractor. Recently the OFCC has invoked such a right and refused to pay the additional cost […]

Court Ruling Brings Into Question Whether Law Prohibiting Residency Requirements Will Become Effective

A recent Cuyahoga County Common Pleas ruling brings into question if, and when, the law prohibiting local residency requirements will go into effect. Earlier this summer, the Ohio legislature passed, and Governor Kasich signed, the law (HB 180) that prohibited public entities from insisting on residency requirements when procuring its construction services. HB 180 was […]

Top 10 Questions All Owners Should Ask Themselves before Signing a Construction Contract

Construction contracts are often times voluminous documents where those not accustomed to dealing with them on a consistent basis have trouble “seeing the forest through the trees.” This can make it difficult for owners to recognize and adequately negotiate the key terms that play the largest role in how construction risk and costs are allocated. […]

Massachusetts Court Finds Public Owner Gave Implied Warranty Regarding Designer’s Plans and Specifications on a CM-at-Risk Project

In a September 2, 2015 decision, the Massachusetts Supreme Court bolstered the Spearin Doctrine when it found that a public owner had impliedly warranted the plans and specifications for a project constructed under the construction manager-at-risk delivery system. See Coghlin Elec. Contractors, Inc. v. Gilbane Bldg. Co., 2015 WL 5123135 (Sept. 2, 2015). This case […]