Posts Written By: Mike Madigan

How to Build Successful Projects: A Guide for Owners + Developers

Construction law attorneys Don Gregory + Mike Madigan hosted a seminar that focused on the risks that threaten the common goals of building on time and within budget. The presentation features essential and pragmatic tools for owners and developers to create a successful project. View the presentation

Key Terms to Consider When Negotiating CM-at-Risk Agreements + GMP Amendments

On Tuesday, March 14, construction law attorney Mike Madigan hosted the second installment of Kegler Brown’s 2017 construction law webinar series. Mike discussed key provisions that play a significant role in how risk is divided when it comes to CM-at-Risk Agreements and GMP Amendments. Read More + View the Presentation

Construction Claim Management and Project Documentation

In this presentation, Mike Madigan focused on claim management + project documentation, specifically the steps to make a claim, key project documentation considerations and dealing with a claim from several different perspectives. Learn more.

Cuyahoga County Judge Rejects Law Prohibiting Residency Requirements

As an update to our September 1, 2016 article, a Cuyahoga County Judge recently ruled that the State’s residency law (HB 180) violates Ohio’s Constitution and prohibited the State from enforcing the law. A link to the Judge’s decision can be found here. Earlier this summer, the Ohio legislature passed, and Governor Kasich signed, the […]

2016 Top Ohio Construction Law Developments and What to Watch for in 2017

In the first webinar of our 2017 Construction Law Webinar Series, Mike Madigan discussed top cases from 2016 and previewed what is in store for construction law in 2017. Read more here.