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Ohio Supreme Court Rules that Construction Defects are Not Covered Under CGL Policy

The Ohio Supreme Court has again ruled that owners, contractors and subcontractors in Ohio have little protection from construction defects. The construction industry has long relied upon Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) policies to protect against personal injury or property damage losses, including those flowing from construction defects. Large premiums are paid every year to the […]

Certain Contract Indemnity Provisions are Unenforceable

It has become increasingly common for those in the construction industry to encounter indemnity provisions in their contracts. Indemnity provisions are agreements where one party (the promisor) agrees to protect and hold harmless the other party (the promisee) from liability arising from certain risk. These provisions can shift the risk of liability from a negligent […]

Third Appellate District Ruling = Good News for Contractor + Owner Covered by CGL Policy

This week, the Court of Appeals of Ohio, Third Appellate District, in a ruling that reversed the Hancock County Court of Common Pleas, issued a welcome ruling for construction participants in the state of Ohio. The court held that the industry-standard Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy purchased by Charles Construction Services, Inc. from Cincinnati Insurance, […]

Ten Things Every Sub Should Think About Before Signing That Subcontract

Many subcontractors feel increasingly hopeless about securing fair subcontract language, particularly in view of the shortage of profitable work during the economic downturn. While it is hard to walk away from work, sometimes it is better to lose a job than to do an unprofitable one.  So subcontractors would be wise to ask themselves these […]

Ten Things You Should Know About Wrap-Up Insurance

A recent industry trend is the use of “wrap up” insurance policies, which cover contractors and subcontractors working on large construction projects for a large variety of risks. As wrap up policies are used more often, here are ten things you should know about wrap-up insurance policies: Are a single risk management program for most […]