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8th District Court of Appeals Allows City of Cleveland to Continue With Its Residency Requirements

Updating earlier blog postings on this topic, the Eighth District Court of Appeals followed earlier court rulings and prohibited the State from enforcing its statute eliminating residency requirements for construction projects, which was signed by Governor Kasich in August 2016 (City of Cleveland v. State of Ohio, 8th Dist. Cuyahoga No. 105500, 2017-Ohio-8882). By doing […]

Cuyahoga County Judge Rejects Law Prohibiting Residency Requirements

As an update to our September 1, 2016 article, a Cuyahoga County Judge recently ruled that the State’s residency law (HB 180) violates Ohio’s Constitution and prohibited the State from enforcing the law. A link to the Judge’s decision can be found here. Earlier this summer, the Ohio legislature passed, and Governor Kasich signed, the […]

Court Ruling Brings Into Question Whether Law Prohibiting Residency Requirements Will Become Effective

A recent Cuyahoga County Common Pleas ruling brings into question if, and when, the law prohibiting local residency requirements will go into effect. Earlier this summer, the Ohio legislature passed, and Governor Kasich signed, the law (HB 180) that prohibited public entities from insisting on residency requirements when procuring its construction services. HB 180 was […]

Ohio Eliminates Residency Requirement on Public Construction Projects

This spring, the 131st General Assembly passed House Bill 180 to prohibit public authorities from imposing local hiring requirements on public projects. The Bill repeals two sections of the Ohio Revised Code (§ 153.13 and § 5525.26) that required contractors on public construction projects to hire a portion of their workforce from the local municipality and […]

Failure to Scrutinize Employee Background Can Prove Costly

With the proliferation of social media outlets and job search engines, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Monster.com, glassdoor and even Facebook, it is as easy as ever to get your resume in front of prospective employers. These websites are expertly designed to highlight credentials, strengths, connections and interests before a broad audience. Employers also benefit from these […]