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Surety and Broker Face Liability for Principal’s Alleged Violations Under the False Claims Act

A United States District Court ruled that there are instances where a surety and its broker could face liability for its principal’s violation of the Federal Government’s False Claim Act. In United States ex rel. Scollick v. Narula, 2017 WL 3268857 (July 31, 2017), an individual whistleblower brought an action under the False Claims Act […]

Dos and Don’ts of DBE Contract Procurement

Since the 1980s, projects funded by the federal government have come with mandatory DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises) participation requirements. Similar DBE participation requirements exist at the state and local level in jurisdictions across the country. Designed to increase the participation of minority and women-owned businesses (DBEs) in industries in which they have been historically underrepresented, DBE […]