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Ohio Mechanic’s Lien Claimants Can Recover Legal Fees

Those perfecting mechanic’s liens on Ohio construction projects are often frustrated by the costs of doing so. Many do not appreciate that Ohio has a statute – R.C. 1311.16 – that provides in relevant part: When judgment is rendered…the court may allow reasonable attorney’s fees to be paid out of the fund realized for lien […]

Top Ten Payment Myths

Many in the construction industry fall prey to these payment myths – and encounter collection problems as a result. 1. “Don’t worry about it, we can always lien.” Just filing a lien does not convert an unpaid receivable into cash. There must be equity in a property to collect. 2. “We don’t care about anyone […]

Prompt Pay Act Still Has Teeth

We helped negotiate, draft and pass Ohio’s Prompt Payment Act (R.C. 4113.61) in the early 1990s. It became a model for many other states. The Act provides that once a contractor gets paid for a subcontractor’s (or supplier’s) work, he must pay the subcontractor within ten (10) calendar days after receipt. If he fails to […]

How Long Should You Have to Wait for Your Retainage?

Contractors routinely complain about retainage being withheld for extended periods of time, well beyond the project’s substantial completion date. This problem seems to be getting worse every year. Contractors on public work in Ohio should understand that, regardless of what the contract says, public owners are to pay escrowed retainage funds, together with accumulated interest, […]

Mechanic’s Liens are a Patriotic Product of Our ‘Founding Fathers’

Don is a regular contributor to the Ohio Asphalt Magazine. For the October Issue, Don discusses the history and importance of mechanic’s liens. Read Don’s full article.