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Don’t Waive Your Claim Under AIA Documents

The AIA A201 General Conditions at §15.2 mandate that any claim be submitted to the Initial Decision Maker (“IDM”) before a claim may be mediated, and ultimately resolved in arbitration or litigation. The IDM is often the Architect, but can be anybody selected by the parties. In a recent Florida case, the parties in their […]

New Loss of Labor Productivity Standard on the Way

Common are the construction projects that do not go as planned. Schedules slip as unexpected problems occur and pressure builds on all project participants to “catch up” and still preserve the project budget and completion date. It is typical in these circumstances to see acceleration and delay claims arising from these schedule impacts. Claims for […]

Claim Against Design Professional Accrues When Design Was Completed

The timing of suits against design professionals is often debated. A recent Ohio case has determined that a negligence claim against an engineer for design errors and omissions had arisen when the design was completed, as opposed to the time when the parking lot failed post-construction. The court ruled that the negligence claim had expired […]