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What are the Chances My Public Project Will Complete on Time?

Contractors bidding public work in Ohio are encouraged to bid what is represented in the bid documents, including any milestones, completion dates or default “bid schedule.” As Ben Franklin was quoted as saying: “Time is Money.” That adage is particularly true on construction projects. Rare is the job that stays profitable if it is delayed […]

10 Things to Remember When Your Work is Delayed

Don gives ten “Do’s” and Don’ts” suggestions to remember the next time your construction job is delayed. Read the full article from Ohio Asphalt Magazine.

Governor’s Proposed Budget has Many Tax Burdens for Industry

Although Governor Kasich’s proposed budget from February has some tax breaks in it for Ohio contractors, the tax increases in the budget eat up nearly all of those breaks. The proposal calls for an income tax decrease by an average of 23 percent for all taxpayers and exempts small business owners with gross receipts of […]

Colorado Medical Center’s Budget Dispute Causes Kiewit-Turner to Stop Project

Contractors trapped on a troubled construction project should take note of a recent federal court decision, Kiewit -Turner v. Department of Veterans Affairs, CBCA No. 3450 (Dec. 9, 2014). In the decision, authored by the United States Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (a special court which hears claims brought against agencies of the federal government), […]