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What Can Be Done About Bid Shopping?

“Bid shopping” occurs when a general contractor discloses the bid price of one subcontractor (or suppliers) to its competitors in an attempt to obtain a lower bid than the one on which the general contractor based its bid to the owner. Put another way, bid shopping occurs when a general contractor uses the lowest bid […]

When Does a Bid Proposal Become a Public Record?

The State and its political subdivisions have moved to a more subjective “best value” selection process, which has altered the traditional bid process in Ohio. This evolution has created interesting issues concerning when, and what part of, a bid solicitation becomes a public record available to competitors. O.R.C. §9.28 provides that bid materials do not […]

Competitive Bidding

Practice chair Don Gregory was invited to speak at the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association’s annual meeting on the topic of competitive bidding for public contracts in the construction industry. Don covered the requirements (and exceptions) that are critical for public entities to consider when opening projects for bid, including criteria for (1) advertising requirements, (2) […]

Private Work: How to Secure a Fair Contract + Get Paid

Don Gregory explains the ins-and-outs of private construction contracting. Private work is in many respects different from working on a public project, and those differences can often mean everything. With “Killer Contract Clauses” and bid shopping as commonplace as they are, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and many other construction companies must be well-versed in the art of negotiating […]