Posts Written By: Stephanie P. Union

Governor’s Proposed Budget has Many Tax Burdens for Industry

Although Governor Kasich’s proposed budget from February has some tax breaks in it for Ohio contractors, the tax increases in the budget eat up nearly all of those breaks. The proposal calls for an income tax decrease by an average of 23 percent for all taxpayers and exempts small business owners with gross receipts of […]

Asserting Your Claim in Bankruptcy

As a creditor, you have the ability to assert certain claims within your customer’s bankruptcy case. One easy way to do that if the case is an asset case is to file a proof of claim. The claim will set forth amounts due from the debtor to you and the grounds from which this amount […]

Cost Controls + Alternatives to Litigation

When faced with litigation, whether pursuing a contractor or owner that failed to pay you, or whether you are being pursued for payment, there are many options available which may help reduce time, expenses and delays associated with traditional litigation. Here are four to consider: 1. Mediation Mediation is a non-binding settlement negotiation conduced with […]

What the “Automatic Stay” Means to You

The automatic stay, set forth at 11 U.S.C. §362, is one of the most critical hurdles for creditors when their customers file for bankruptcy. The stay is generally immediately effective upon the filing of the debtor’s bankruptcy without the debtor taking any additional action. It prohibits, among other things: The commencement or continuation of a […]