Posts Written By: Stephanie P. Union

2016 Ohio Asphalt Expo Presentation

Stephanie Union presented at the 2016 Ohio Asphalt Expo on March 30, 2016. Learn more about Stephanie’s presentation. The Asphalt Expo is Ohio’s premiere asphalt pavement event with multiple concurrent educational sessions and trade show and exhibition. The expo attracts a wide variety of audiences across the asphalt paving industry.

Steps to Collect after a Judgment on a Construction Project

Using legal proceedings to obtain a judgment in a construction dispute does not, unfortunately, get you paid once you obtain that judgment. Instead, creditors need to convert their judgment to actual cash that goes to the bottom line. Listed below are 4 options for doing so in Ohio: 1. Garnishment of personal earnings. If your […]

The Nuts + Bolts of Construction Financial Management

Stephanie Union and Peter Berg cover the nuts and bolts of construction financial management. They explain the steps and best practices for prompt collection while giving practical tips and techniques for owners, executives and key financial personnel involved in the collection process. Learn more here.

Five Steps to Take When Your Customer Files for Bankruptcy

If you find yourself dealing with the bankruptcy of a general contractor for whom you are working or an owner of a project, the tips I shared in this article are applicable to you too. It should also be noted that you would still have lien rights pursuant to state law and the ability to preserve […]

Governor’s Proposed Budget has Many Tax Burdens for Industry

Although Governor Kasich’s proposed budget from February has some tax breaks in it for Ohio contractors, the tax increases in the budget eat up nearly all of those breaks. The proposal calls for an income tax decrease by an average of 23 percent for all taxpayers and exempts small business owners with gross receipts of […]